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Tuesday - Saturday 12-6

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September 2 - 27, 2014 

Gallery I
September 2 - 27, 2014 

Heidi Kumao 
Surviving Confinement: Video Sculpture

Reception: Thursday, September 4, 6-8pm       

Three works about surviving physical confinement are each inspired by the experiences of individual women including: a college student living under an authoritarian government, a Japanese-American girl relocated to a WWII internment camp, and the artist herself-constrained for months in a clam shell back brace. In each piece, Kumao interweaves video, photos, animation, and sound into a surreal journey that is anchored within a compelling narrative. She transforms everyday objects through mapped video in which real objects and shadows interact with shadows from non-existent objects, creating an uncanny dichotomy for the viewer to resolve.


Heidi Kumao
Egress (detail), 2014, books, video projector, media player, speakers, 84 x 140 x 192"

Same dates as above
Shirley Steele
Hand and Machine


Shirley Steele,
Cardinal, 30 x 30", acrylic and inkjet on mylar

In these mixed-media paintings, gestural paint strokes and computer animation combine to explore a central tension of the information age, the human/machine relationship. Paint and programming join in a playful and reflective dialogue between hand and computer, between the irrational and the rational.


Sept. 30 - Oct. 25, 2014

Madelon Jones
Explorations in Line and Form

Pat Hill Cresson
Footprints of Birds Series & All Possibilities of Nature


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