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May 23 - June 17, 2017
Gallery I

Chalda Maloff

Thur, May 25, 6-8pm

Maloof, Wordling

Worldling, 30 x 30 inches, Digital painting, Edition Variée 3
Archival inks on paper, mounted to museum-grade acrylic sheet

Chalda Maloff's new artworks explore the transient nature of existence via intimate portraits of imagined lifeforms. Each such conjectured creature is fragile and vulnerable. It resides in an uncertain universe, as do we all. Its delicate membranes and exquisite body parts are at times almost absorbed into the environment, casings vanishing as densely layered detail gives way to inscrutable miasma or arbitrary splatter. And yet, expressively rendered in exaggerated scale, each lifeform faces the viewer undeterred. It is fully present in time and space.

Her developed method of using the computer as an art tool combines freehand tablet drawing, simulating various natural media, with digital filters. She does
not employ any type of photography in her pieces.

The BEINGS exhibit of 26 pieces can be previewed at Maloff's website

Chalda Maloff's art has been exhibited throughout North and South America and in Europe. Recent awards include the North Light Award from the Visual Arts Society of Texas and Second Place at the VIII Salón de Arte Digital in Venezuela.

May 23 - June 17, 2017
Gallery II

Limbs: Installation and ink drawings
Micaela di Vivero

Thur, May 25, 6-8pm

diVivero, Limbs

Ceres Gallery is pleased to present Limbs. For this work, Micaela de Vivero uses installation art to talk about relationships between the viewer and the art, between structure and movement, and between space and circulation. Lines, volumes and colors have become Micaela's tools to create communication between the art and its environment. Her work is made out of soft, malleable, porous materials, which are suspended and take their shape through its negotiation with other elements that form the work. Micaela privileges empty space over mass, lightness over weight, movement, precariousness, and instability over permanence. Her piece has become a multi-object installations in which the viewer must move and participate with their presence. The installation is approached as a composition in space in which she creates an opening for the viewer to circulate through the installation, experiencing it physically, emotionally and visually.
She says: "The act of circulating the installations I create, should be a journey of introspection and discovery, which should lead ultimately to establish connections between the viewer and the art. "
In addition, Micaela in presenting a series of ink drawings which explore her recent dealing with a sensation of being obligatory obstructed and how that can change someone's daily experience, especially in regard to pain and fear.

Upcoming: June 20 - July 15, 2017

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